RV Awning Repairs and Replacement
RV Awning Best Practices to Preserve a Longer Life Span.

Common RV Awnings Mistakes and the Best Practices to Preserve a Longer Life Span.

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Preserving the life of your RV Awning with the best rv practices and maintenance will go a long way to add extended life. When you find you are in need of repairs or replacements you can’t fix, call Elite RV Mobile Service in Tampa and surrounding RV Communities and campgrounds.

1.) Wind is a big factor in Florida and Tampa is located on the west coast and the gulf winds can have a big impact on your rv awning. Set up your awning at an angle, sloping downward if possible. Awnings are meant to protect you from direct sun and harmful UV rays. If it’s a windy day you might not want to using your awning.

2.) Don’t roll up your awning if it is wet. Allow the fabric to dry to prevent mildew growth that will damage and stain the fabric causing weak areas that may tear, have holes or fall apart.

3.) Don’t use bleach or chlorine to clean your awning.

4.) The set up should be even and secured to prevent tipping, pressure on a single side or guest who don’t understand the rules and lean or hold on to the extenders or poles.

5.) Be mindful of setting up under trees and branches. Critters, bugs, tree sap can do long term damage to your awning in a short amount of time.

6.) Inspect your awning each time you set up and roll up.

7.) Follow the crowd if you are unsure. Experienced RV’ers around you will know what to do and don’t be afraid to ask others any RV questions.

Elite RV Services in Tampa, Florida offers rv awning repairs and replacements. You can visit us or we can come to you. Visit or RV Awning Page here and if you want to contact us by email fill out our form with as much detail as possible.

Elite RV Certified Weather Stopper RV roof repair.
GAF Certified RV Roof Experience

A well maintained RV roof is an incredibly valuable and important thing to have.

Elite RV Services understands there are all different kinds of roofing material used on an RV. However, roof repair itself is an area crucial  in part of every RV’s maintenance schedule. Because of this, many factors determine the time, cost and overall quality of an RV roof repair.

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Leaky RV Roof
6 Signs Your RV Roof Needs Maintenance or Repair.

Are you concerned that your RV, Camper or Trailer roof might be leaking water?

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Elite RV Services Tampa Florida
Protect Your RV Investment


Simply put, we’ve been serving the RV community for 30 years.

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Tampa Florida's Elite RV Air Conditioner, Fridge & Freezer Service Free Quote
RV Roof Repair

Do you have a leaky RV roof or camper? (6 signs of a leaky rv roof)?

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Elite RV Service and Repair Tampa Florida
RV Certified Roof Inspections

RV Certified Roof Inspections from Tampa to Lecanto, Florida and surrounding RV communities. Elite RV Services offers RV and Mobile roof Inspection services. You receive the same top quality inspection at an affordable rate and if you are a maintenance customer you can save even more.

Complete RV Inspection Service

Rely on our knowledge and experience with your Class A Diesel Pusher, Camper to a Towable, your prospective RV is in the best of hands. Remember, we come to you or you come to us!


    Slideout rv windows and roof repair
    Slideout, Windows and Vents for RV and Campers


    • RV Roof Slideouts Repair
    • RV Skylights Repair or Replace
    • RV Windows & Vents 
    • RV Flooring Repair or Replace
    • Custom RV Repairs/Upgrades available including campers and trailers

    We often see other damage or repairs that are not visible due to your rv slideout having a leaky roof. Damage may occur over time leading to complete replacement due to wood rot. We’re pleased to inspect, repair or replace your RV Slideout floor and make further recommendations if needed. You can read more about our RV Roof Repairs here.


    RV Slideout Roof and Floor Repair Tampa Florida
    RV Slideout Roof Repair or Replacement in Florida.

    RV roof vent, skylights and fan replacement:

    A non-operable vent, fan and a cracked or broken skylight needs to be replaced in order to keep your RV free from bugs and water intrusion.
    We offer high-quality replacement roof vents, skylights and fans for a wide range of RVs and campers.

    Contact us today 352-476-5898 with any questions you have about windows, vents or insect covers and we can assist you with accurate information based on your current type of RV or camper.

    Elite RV Services offers RV and Camper Maintenance plans to avoid these common problems.

    Elite RV Services Tampa Florida
    Awning Repair Installation Tampa Florida
    RV Awnings

    Most cost effective rv awning service and repairs in the Tampa Florida area

    Awning Repair & Replacement Services Available On-Site or Our Location.

    We have serviced the local RV community in Florida with beautiful awning covers for years. Having an extensive background in selling, servicing and installing major brands or RV awnings including , but not limited to; A&E/Dometic, Carefree, Carter, Faulkner, Girard, and Zip Dee awnings.

    Convenient mobile service at your home, your place of work, your campsite or you can come to us.

    We service all of the Tampa area while offering patio awnings, slideout awnings, window awnings, and a variety of awning accessories to compliment your purchase or existing awning. Our rv awning services even offer to upgrade your existing manual patio awning to an electric awning for far less than purchasing a new power awning. We think we can offer a clean, professional electric awning installation to satisfy even the most discriminating customers.

    Elite RV Awning Services also offers patio awning fabric replacement and slideout awning fabric replacement at very competitive prices. We even offer the choice to add a metal cover, significantly extending the life of your new awning replacement fabric.

    Request a quote or call 352-476-5898 with any questions regarding anything related to RV awnings and see what Elite RV Services can do with our outstanding customer service. We come to you or you come to us at 704 N. Enterprise Point Lecanto, Florida

    RV Awning Repairs and Replacement
    RV Awning Repairs and Replacement

    Patio Awnings

    Sales, installation & repairs of all major brands including A&E, Carefree, Faulkner, Carter, Girard, Fiamma, and Zip Dee.

    Slideout Awnings

    Sales, installation & repairs on all slideout awning covers and more.

    Window Awnings

    We provide sales, installation & repairs on all windows awnings.

    Room Awnings

    Screen rooms, windshields, and complete RV awning covers are also available.

    Expert RV Roof Maintenance

    RV roof maintenance is critical to keeping your roof in good shape. We recommend this process be done every three years, and we offer plans for all types of rv roofs including campers.

    Documented RV Roof Inspections are Required.

    Elite RV Services uses the highest quality products to seal your roof. The most common are Silicone, Dicor Rubber, fiberglass, and metal roof acrylic coating. The first step is a rigorous cleaning to remove all debris and dirt on your roof. Secondly, we seal all the joints, laps and seams, skylights and vents with our waterproofing sealants and membranes followed by the required coating for your specific type of existing roof membrane.

    The result is a watertight, bright white new looking roof. This process protects the rubber from breaking down that will result in extended life of your roof. The lap sealant is a caulking that is applied before the sealant which always stays flexible and will never harden. This is important because when your RV is moving, the walls and rubber roof are flexing.

    New Maintenance Customer After Major RV Roof Repairs Completed On-Site including the slideout and awning.

    rv neglected roof with water damage tampa florida
    RV neglected roof with water damage Tampa Florida

    RV Water Damage Before Repairs

    Repaired rv roof with water damage.
    After Roof Repairs

    Have a general maintenance Question? We’re here to help all our RV and Camper friends in Florida. On Site repairs in your local community or we’re happy if you visit us at our location.

      Stay In Good Hands With Elite RV Services
      Obtain Our Maintenance Plan For Peace Of Mind

      Storm Damage RV Roof Repair Tampa Florida
      Will My Insurance Cover RV Roof Damage?

      Your insurance will often cover RV roof repair or replacement. Damage to your rv roof caused by low hanging or fallen branches, house eaves are almost always covered by your insurance policy. Other factors that cause damage to your rv or campers due to Florida weather conditions like storms and hurricanes should also be covered in most cases.

      Elite RV Services is experienced dealing with insurance companies and can assist you in your claim and can help you through the process. Starting with a complete assessment of the damage before any work begins is a good first step. Our thorough analysis will give you a complete break down of the cost of your rv roof repairs or replacement.

      TIP: Review you RV insurance annually for any changes to hurricane, water and storm damage to your RV, camper, trolley’s and mobile vehicles.

      Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you want to know the work is done right and for a reasonable price. You can rely on our staff to keep your roof watertight and in excellent condition with our rv roof repair and maintenance.