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Storm Damage RV Roof Repair Tampa Florida
Will My Insurance Cover RV Roof Damage?

Your insurance will often cover RV roof repair or replacement. Damage to your rv roof caused by low hanging or fallen branches, house eaves are almost always covered by your insurance policy. Other factors that cause damage to your rv or campers due to Florida weather conditions like storms and hurricanes should also be covered in most cases.

Elite RV Services is experienced dealing with insurance companies and can assist you in your claim and can help you through the process. Starting with a complete assessment of the damage before any work begins is a good first step. Our thorough analysis will give you a complete break down of the cost of your rv roof repairs or replacement.

TIP: Review you RV insurance annually for any changes to hurricane, water and storm damage to your RV, camper, trolley’s and mobile vehicles.

Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you want to know the work is done right and for a reasonable price. You can rely on our staff to keep your roof watertight and in excellent condition with our rv roof repair and maintenance.