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Occasionally all RV and camper air conditioner or freezer units wear out and need replacement. All of our units are installed by our certified and trained technicians & backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Call us today to discuss your RV AC needs and one of our trained professionals with get right back to you.

Rooftop RV Air Conditioners


Your RV rooftop air conditioner needs to do a fantastic job of cooling down that RV or camper. You need the cooling power built into one of our newest energy efficient, low-profile type units that are lightweight and able to survive the rigors and vibrations of road. These units are built to withstand todays extremities and will run for years on a rather small amount of power. Don’t wait for the summer hot months or the travel season to make a decision. Usually manufacturer's best bargains are in the off-seasons. Check if your AC system is operating at peak performance today. If it isn't, let us show you how we can seamlessly and affordably install that brand new unit for you, replacing that older less efficient model.


Is your RV’s refrigerator or freezer on the fritz? Not fun when your out on the road with no access to your dealer or repair services. The cooling effect from most RV refrigerators originates in the freezer compartment and then goes into the main compartment. For full operational capability, an RV absorption-type refrigerator typically needs 120 Volts AC, 12 Volts DC, and a source of LP gas. When this stops working, or under performs, contact us us to see if a new one might be the best solution.

Out trained technicians will make sure to replace your rv fridge/freezer with a modern, energy efficient model that will give you years of good service.

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