Expert RV Roof Maintenance

Expert RV Roof Maintenance

RV roof maintenance is critical to keeping your roof in good shape. We recommend this process be done every three years, and we offer plans for all types of rv roofs including campers.

Documented RV Roof Inspections are Required.

Elite RV Services uses the highest quality products to seal your roof. The most common are Silicone, Dicor Rubber, fiberglass, and metal roof acrylic coating. The first step is a rigorous cleaning to remove all debris and dirt on your roof. Secondly, we seal all the joints, laps and seams, skylights and vents with our waterproofing sealants and membranes followed by the required coating for your specific type of existing roof membrane.

The result is a watertight, bright white new looking roof. This process protects the rubber from breaking down that will result in extended life of your roof. The lap sealant is a caulking that is applied before the sealant which always stays flexible and will never harden. This is important because when your RV is moving, the walls and rubber roof are flexing.

New Maintenance Customer After Major RV Roof Repairs Completed On-Site including the slideout and awning.

rv neglected roof with water damage tampa florida
RV neglected roof with water damage Tampa Florida

RV Water Damage Before Repairs

Repaired rv roof with water damage.
After Roof Repairs

Have a general maintenance Question? We’re here to help all our RV and Camper friends in Florida. On Site repairs in your local community or we’re happy if you visit us at our location.

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