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RV Awning Best Practices to Preserve a Longer Life Span.

Common RV Awnings Mistakes and the Best Practices to Preserve a Longer Life Span.

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Preserving the life of your RV Awning with the best rv practices and maintenance will go a long way to add extended life. When you find you are in need of repairs or replacements you can’t fix, call Elite RV Mobile Service in Tampa and surrounding RV Communities and campgrounds.

1.) Wind is a big factor in Florida and Tampa is located on the west coast and the gulf winds can have a big impact on your rv awning. Set up your awning at an angle, sloping downward if possible. Awnings are meant to protect you from direct sun and harmful UV rays. If it’s a windy day you might not want to using your awning.

2.) Don’t roll up your awning if it is wet. Allow the fabric to dry to prevent mildew growth that will damage and stain the fabric causing weak areas that may tear, have holes or fall apart.

3.) Don’t use bleach or chlorine to clean your awning.

4.) The set up should be even and secured to prevent tipping, pressure on a single side or guest who don’t understand the rules and lean or hold on to the extenders or poles.

5.) Be mindful of setting up under trees and branches. Critters, bugs, tree sap can do long term damage to your awning in a short amount of time.

6.) Inspect your awning each time you set up and roll up.

7.) Follow the crowd if you are unsure. Experienced RV’ers around you will know what to do and don’t be afraid to ask others any RV questions.

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